Power Progress International - Quarter 4

Industry News: First Cummins Master Rebuild Centre in Europe

Newsmaker of the Year 2023 Which alternative fuel will win out?

Forecasts 2024: Our experts preview next year’s machine and power markets

COVER STORY: AVL outlines development path of latest agricultural machines

Agriculture and Forestry: John Deere engines for premium wood chippers, Irum tractors fit Allison auto transmissions

Agritechnica 2023: The world’s largest agricultural power and equipment fair is back

Engine Technology: Perkins launches 2600 Series engine, sets out new development path

Mobile Hydraulics: What’s in store for HydraForce, Walvoil develops new valve system

Cooling: Oesse launches fuel cell cooling system

Jobsite Power: CGM gen sets support major undersea tunnel between Denmark, Germany

Global Roads: BEV HD trucks could push an incumbent diesel OEM out

Mobile Hydraulic Specs-At-A-Glance

Notebook: South America Autonomy is here to stay

OneCharge: Battery management system dictates pack longevity

Hydrogen: Price will support commercial vehicle market uptake

2024 Market Forecasts

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